Yeung Ma Lee Student Association

Die Yeung Ma-Lee Student Association wurde mit Genehmigung der Yeung Familie im Jahre 2003 gegründet. Gründgungsmitglieder sind

  • John Conroy (Rhode Island School of Tai Chi/USA)
  • James Uglow (Tai Chi Club /UK)
  • Joe Balthazar (Pasadena School of Tai Chi/USA)

The Yeung Ma Lee Student Association, with approval from the Yeung family, was established in London, August 3, 2003 by John Conroy (RI School of Tai Chi); James Uglow (Tai Chi Club/UK); and Joe Balthazar (Pasadena School of Tai Chi).

The three founders, who travel yearly to Hong Kong to study with Grandmaster Yeung Ma Lee, created the association in order to foster an open relationship among themselves and the Yeung family. By collaborating and practicing with each other, they are able to extend the training journey that Ip Tai Tak, Chu Gin Soon and Chu King-Hung began decades ago. There are many layers to Yeung Tai Chi, and Grand- master Yeung is making these layers available to the YML Student Association so that they may freely disseminate this information to all who choose to practice genuine Yeung Family Tai Chi Chuan.

The Yeung Ma-Lee Student Association has been a great benefit to all of the students studying with these respective teachers. The positive, respectful interaction of the three members has resulted in an open exchange of ideas and a transmission of knowledge hitherto unavailable outside of the Yeung family.